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Block and Gasket - Weybridge

The afternoon before we were heading to my parents for the week, we had a leisurely afternoon near Weybridge. Ice cream in the sunshine, walks around the park and a lovely lunch in Block and Gasket.

First impressions of the bar/restaurant were positive. One of our main pulls to the restaurant was that they were dog friendly, and as we had the dog that was great. This restaurant has recently been described as 'hipster' and I can kind of see why. The weathered wood and large array of cocktails, beers and smoothies to choose from. The staff all wearing plaid shirts and jeans, and it has a family friendly feel with brilliantly spread out tables.

The staff immediately greeted us in the doorway and then brought over a bowl of water for the dog and a highchair for the baby.

It doesn't happen very often but on this very rare occasion, Simon and I ordered the same meal. The sun shining in the sky clearly put us in a burger and fries mood. We went for the Wagyu burger with camembert and bacon. What a combination! We also indulged and ordered their onion rings and a side of fries and sweet potato fries. The burger, the main part. Well, it was a great burger, slightly over for my liking but full of flavour. The the toppings just raised it to a whole new level. The bacon was crisp, the camembert was strong and the sauces used were delicious. A sauce very similar to big mac special sauce. Little chunks of gherkin but big enough to add a bite an crunchy texture. Then the fresh salad to top it off. The burger was certainly a winner. Then onto the sides. The sweet potato fries were tasty, but just sweet potato fries and the plain fries were a little bland and not crisp. The onion rings were crisp and tasty however they would be much better if they were cooked fresh in a lovely crisp batter. But wouldn't everything taste better deep fried in batter?

The drinks we ordered to go with our burgers were their smoothies as we were going to be driving. They were so fresh and packed with fruit.

The overall experience here was a relaxed one. It was quiet and the food was good. If we head back to Weybridge we will certainly be popping in for a burger.

3/5 Stars


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