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CBB Toastie

Often when we sit down and eat a simple dinner and say 'why don't we eat meals like this more often?'. Dinners and meals don't have to be labour intensive or tricky. Sometimes simple is best and often what we need.

This here is a CBB toastie which is 'Cranberry, Brie and Bacon'.

Creaminess, saltiness and sweetness! Everything a toastie needs!

Serves 2

<5 Minutes Preperation

<10 Minutes Cooking


4 Slices of bread (sourdough works WONDERFULLY, but sliced works too!)

100g Brie

6 Rashers of Streaky Unsmoked Bacon

2tsp Cranberry and Port Sauce

Spinach Leaves

2tbs Butter (1 for cooking)


- Start by slicing your bread and buttering one side of each slice.

- In a frying pan, add your streaky bacon and then place over a medium/high heat. With streaky bacon its better to cook from a cold pan with no fats added as the fat on the bacon will melt down and help crisp the bacon. YUMM.

- Once the bacon has cooked on one side, flip to cook the reverse. Once cooked to your liking, remove and leave to one side.

- Clean the frying pan and place over a low heat.

- Slice the brie and lay onto two slices of the bread.

- Top with three slices of bacon.

- Spread a teaspoon of the chutney across the top pieces of bread.

- Combine the breads to make two sandwiches.

- Add a tablespoon of butter to the frying pan with a little drizzle of olive oil (this helps stop the butter from burning)

- Once melted, add the toasties and allow to cook until lovely and golden. Flip the toast carefully and cook the reverse side. If the cheese hasn't melted to your satisfaction, 5 minutes in the oven should help!

- Serve and ENJOY!

One of the BEST views and smells. BACON sizzling away.

Cranberry and Port sauce to take this NEXT LEVEL! (All ingredients are from the Co-Op, so if you're in Britain you can do this EXACTLY)

Crisp fried toast filled with gooey cheese and sweet sauce with salty bacon. It's a dream!


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