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Choc Hazelnut Praline Buns

Ok, so don't hate me but. I really don't like cinnamon buns. I have absolutely no problem with the dough or the topping, in-fact I love those. It's the cinnamon. I'm sorry, I just can't teach my tastebuds to enjoy the flavour.

This is why I have adapted the cinnamon roll with flavours that I love. Chocolate and Hazelnut, who doest love that?

Makes 16 Medium Sized Rolls



3/4 Cup Warm Full Fat Milk (44c)

1 Sachet of Active Yeast

1/4 Cup Caster Sugar

1 Egg plus 1 Egg Yolk

1/4 Cup Butter (Melted)

3 Cups Bread Flour

Sprinkle of Salt


1/4 Butter (Room Temperature)

2 Handfulls Hazelnuts

2tbs Caster Sugar

1tbs Water

30g Chocolate 70%


150g Icing Sugar

2tbs Water


- Firstly, its time to make the dough. Over a medium heat, bring the milk to a medium heat. A thermometer is useful here. You want it to be around 44c. Once it reaches that temperature, add the yeast and allow to sit.

- Now, melt your butter and add the sugar, eggs all together.

- Add the butter sugar mix to the milk and combine.

- If you have a mixer with a dough hook, that comes in really handy now! Into your mixer, add the wet mixture and tip in the flour and salt. Turn the mixer onto a medium speed and it will knead and beat the mixture for you and save you from kneading by hand. Leave it kneading for about 5 minutes.

- Once finished, add the dough into a well oiled bowl large enough to allow the mix to double in size. Cover it with clingfilm and a tea towel and leave in a warm area to prove.

- Whilst the dough proves, make the praline. Do this by adding the hazelnuts, sugar and water into a pan over a medium heat. Mix it together at the start then leave to caramelise. Once golden, pour onto baking paper and allow to cool completely.

- After the dough has doubles in size (1-3 hours) remove from the bowl onto a floured surface or baking paper. Roll out into a large rectangle approximately 3/4cm thick.

- Now, back to the hazelnut brittle. Using a blender, break up the hazelnut mix into a nice fine consistency.

- Next, onto the dough, spread out the room temperature butter. Sprinkle 3/4 of the brittle mixture over the dough and grate the chocolate. (See image)

- Roll the dough up and cut 1 inch wide rolls.

- Place into dish and cover again for 20 minutes. Allowing to rise a little again.

- Bake in the oven at 180c/350f for 15/20 minutes.

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