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Franco Manca - Balham

Sometimes, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, I get the craving for a pizza.

Living in London, there is no shortage of choice, and different people have different requirements from a pizza. Some like a thin and crispy based and some like a big doughy pillow. Some like so many toppings you can't see the base and some like one topping sparsely sprinkled. Some like big crusts and some like no crusts. I have tried many different local pizza places and since finding Franco Manco, I have never turned back.Their dough is made fresh daily and their seasonal ingredients are sourced from small suppliers across Italy and the UK. All of these facts really show in the product.

Todays order consisted of their Number 4 (Cornish cured ham [home cured], mozzarella, buffalo ricotta & wild mushrooms with little tomato) and their Number 5 (Tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, olives, Cantabrian anchovies & mozzarella with added chorizo). They arrived and there is no grease to be seen. It looks so fresh and clean. The crust like big soft dough pillows with slightly caught sourdough air bubbles. The toppings so bright and fresh, they make the pizza look so appetising.

Just look at those juicy, paprika spiced slices of chorizo and those puddles of fresh mozzarella.

Fresh little chunks of garlic and the scattering of fresh oregano. I even love how uneven the base is. It's not a perfectly round pizza, but you know its been stretched out fresh ready for your toppings. Even though the pizza crust is big and bouncy, the base is quite the opposite. Big and thin. If you look under the pizza, there is no grease that has seeped through so the base isn't soggy or oily. Simple perfection.

If you love bread, and love a pizza, then Franco Manca is the place for you. You don't even have to live in Balham to enjoy them. They are dotted around all over London. Their restaurants are so clean and their staff so friendly and helpful.

Their menu isn't overwhelming with choice but they always have a vegetarian and meat special using seasonal ingredients and you can always ask the staff to make a few adaptations or additions.

Their homemade lemonade is also a great accompaniment. Its fresh and tart and not too sweet. Another HUGE selling point of Franco Manca, and if i haven't already convinced you from what I have said is their prices! The Number 4 was £7.50! Yes, £7.50 for a fresh dough local pizza. Most other mainstream pizza places consider a price like that as a special deal, but thats Franco Manca's fixed pricing.

So if you ever fancy a pizza, hit Franco Manca up. You will not be dissapointed!


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