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Goodman - Mayfair

We have lived in London for 5 years this year. In that time we have eaten out, a lot. I'd hate to think about the amount of money we have spent over that 5 years on meals out. Probably best not to think and live in unknowing bliss.

So anyway, it that 5 years we have eaten at many steak restaurants. Hawskmoor, Sophies, Arlos and Marco Pierre White just to name a few. I have to say they are all fab and do a steak justice. They also all have their little bonuses. Arlos do a steak free Monday where you have to but a starter and the sides and they provide the steak, FOR FREE! Hawksmoor feels like an occasion, moody lighting and an open kitchen with a fantastic option of sides, and puddings. Goodman, however, is the one we go back to on a monthly basis.

We were introduced to Goodman in Mayfair by a family member. It's a welcoming restaurant and doesn't feel like you have to dress to impress to be able to sit for lunch. It has a warming family-friendly feeling. They greet you with smiles at the door and it seems that there is never enough they can do for you. The steaks are shown on a blackboard which is changed at every sitting, every day. They cut their steaks daily and have a wide range of different cows, USDA, Lake District any many more. Beef ageing on site, six tonnes of it. They do have a menu with set steaks which are more budget-friendly but just as delicious. What more could a steak lover ask for.

You are shown to your table and given a waiter to look after you. All of their waitstaff are fab. They are attentive and helpful and always do service with a smile. If you order wine, there are sommeliers who are forever educating. They even allow you to taste a wine before you buy, using a fancy wine corking device. Once you have chosen your wine, the waitstaff will then fill your glass so quietly you sometimes don't even notice. They have different glasses for your different reds and even decant your bottle for you, such lovely service.

We often order a porterhouse to share. It's like the best of both worlds, a fillet and NY strip. Another fab thing about Goodman is that if they don't have the steak you are looking for the blackboard if you have a sweet word with the waiter, they will ask the kitchen if they would cut what you'd like, amazing. So once the steak is chosen, its time for the sides. The triple cooked chips are a must, so crisp and fluffy. The green beans with shallots are a delicious green to add to your plate. However, the ultimate side at Goodman is, the truffle mac and cheese. Super creamy sauce covering spiralled pasta shapes with a truffle salsa running through, then baked under a grill for a crisp top. It's so delicious, I wish I had the recipe so I could make it at home. I may challenge myself to work out the recipe. Now, the sides are done, its time for sauces. Before gracing Goodman, I had always been an avid Peppercorn Sauce lover. I'd never eat a steak without it. However, one time we visited, we ordered the three sauces that they offer. They are a peppercorn, béarnaise and a blue cheese. I've never been a fan of a béarnaise but this is super silky and creamy. The peppercorn has a lovely hit of heat from freshly crushed peppercorn and still has a lovely creamy base, but the star of the sauces is their blue cheese sauce. It's a deep brown sauce that is a silky jus that coats a steak beautifully. I love this sauce so much. It's my favourite of the three. Definitely order it if you go. You will not regret it.

As I was saying about the service, Goodman is not just a steak restaurant that does a great steak. It's a restaurant that offers a wonderfully warm service. We have chats with many different waiters and managers throughout our meal. They often come over to say hello when they notice you are in. We take our one-year-old with us who the staff all adore and often take her for a walk around the restaurant or have a cheeky hold. It's such a personal feeling restaurant even though they have hundreds of customers a day, it still feels small and cosy. They treat their returning customers very well. We now receive a regular customer discount which we never expected but its a lovely treat. Also, over Christmas, they gave us pudding on the house and we often receive a drink on the house. Once you are a well-established customer however, you do receive s steak knife. It's not just any steak knife though. This steak knife has your name printed down the wooden handle. You receive one for the restaurant which lives in a glass cabinet in the restaurant and one for home, such a lovely touch.

So I'd say if you are ever shopping on Oxford Street or Regent Street and it's nearing lunch or dinner time and you are ravenous. Head to Goodman on Maddox Street. It really is worth it. I promise!

5/5 Stars


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