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Meat&Shake- Tooting SW17

There are many great burger joints in Tooting that also operate on Deliveroo. I always struggle to choose as they all have great choices. Do I want the delicious 'Steak Southern Belle' from Hache or the 'Burger of the month' from Honest. I do love honest burgers but they don't do sweet potato fries (which I love) although their rosemary salt chips are pretty freakin' good too.

I decided to have a change today. Try a burger that I had never tried before from a restaurant I had passed on many occasions and quite fancied.

Meat and Shakein Tooting near Tooting Bec Underground Station. Their interior decor is very American Diner Shack, with their booth seating and their worn wooden decor. Their sign is also something that attracts me in. Its not a big restaurant and I think that helps. Its cosy and looks like somewhere that a customer will be looked after.

On this occasion, I wasn't eating in the restaurant and I ordered a Deliveroo, which arrived in 20 minutes. Pretty amazing really.

One of the main selling points for me is their huge selection of 'Shakes'. It's a list with over 20 different shakes! These include, 'Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate', 'Apple Pie', 'Crunchie' and 'Ferrero Rocher' (which I ordered).

They age their pastured beef for no less than 36 days to deepen its natural taste, so their burgers have to be good right? Fourteen different burgers to choose from, and they all sound pretty fab. I would normally play it safe and go for a burger that included truffle. I don't know, I just love the taste. But this time I wanted something different. I wanted to try something more classic, a BBQ burger. Their 'Von Longhorn' appealed, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, lettuce and a crispy onion ring. Sounds just what I'm looking for in a classic burger. Also ordered a side of sweet potato fries, because I couldn't not. They are just the best.

The burger was presented beautifully. No grease to be seen. The bun was golden and soft and the lettuce was green, crisp and fresh. The onion ring was crispy and added a great texture to the soft bun and patty. The cheese and bacon were great accompaniments, but the star of the show, as it should be, was the BBQ sauce. I want it put into a bottle for home consumption. It was sweet, smoky and sticky. All the S's you want from a BBQ sauce. Shame they don't do it as a side dipping sauce. I'd want it, to bathe in. (Ok, maybe that's a little much but it was yum). The burger patty itself could possibly have been better as it was overdone for my liking but its never going to be the same once its steamed in a takeaway box so I accept that it may not be entirely the restaurants fault. I will have to try their restaurant next time. Especially for their 'Lunch for £4.99' offer. GREAT DEAL!

So overall the meal was great and to order a burger for delivery and for it to be fresh and seem pretty healthy is a great accomplishment. I was also full by the end and it takes a lot to fill me up. Maybe it was the naughty shake.


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