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My 5 Mindful Changes for 2020

Changing my morning routine

In the morning, the first thing I do is reach over to the side table and grab my phone to do the social media scroll. If I wake before Harriet I could lay there for half an hour just scrolling and losing time in my day. It also leaves me feeling lethargic and struggling to start my day. 2020 is the year to get out of bed once I wake and start my day and leave the insta scrolling for a later time. Start by making myself a cup of tea or embracing some yoga flow. Ive seen a few videos recently of yoga flow and it looks such a good way to start the day!

Here is an example: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/832321574865009609/ or even this yoga in bed from the same person!: https://www.yoga-ky.com/blog/rise-amp-shine-yoga-routine

Dance like nobody is watching

The only time I dance and let my hair down to music is in the comfort of my own home and it instantly lifts my

mood. It's infectious, and when I dance and be merry, others around me feed off the energy and often join in. Over the past couple of weeks, I have dusted off some of my old records and cd's and blasted them out for Harriet and me to dance and cook too. She has loved it almost as much as me. So when you're feeling a little down or you aren't wanting to cook dinner one evening. Stick your favourite record on or some old soul like The Supremes and dance the blues away!

Less Screen Time

I totally understand that this may look like a contradiction as I am typing a blog on my laptop and talking about less screen time. However, I'm talking about the times when I pick up my phone at 3pm and then realise I have just lost half an hour and have nothing to show for it. On the iPhone, you can set up screen time. This allows you to choose how much time you are going to allow yourself to scroll or play certain games. Once your time is up, you cannot open the app unless you acknowledge that your screen time is over. I also want to create more evenings playing games or living a more hygge life. If you haven't heard about hygge, I suggest checking it out. Especially at this time of year. It's so comforting.

Walk More

We recently became a one-car family and that one car is now Simons work car. This means I don't have access to a car for most of the week. Living in London, this really isn't an issue as whatever we need is within walking distance, however we tend to stay local and I worry we are missing out on so much. So the plan this year is to walk to parks that are a little further and make adventures of it. Try new parts of London that we live so close to and are yet undiscovered to us.


Life can be fast-paced and stressful or slow and dull at times and sometimes it becomes like a whirlwind and emotions become heightened and irritability rises. This year, I am going to be more accepting of my emotions and forgive myself for any negative thoughts or snappy responses. Instead of beating myself up for them. It's ok to be overwhelmed, tired or irritable sometimes. Life can be hard even if you think it shouldn't be.


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