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My First 4 Weeks of CrossFit

I had tried and repeatedly failed to eat a strict diet. It wasn't working, and it never would. I would always fail and eat enough junk to fill a small car. I had to try a different tact. I had to exercise. Firstly I started to exercise on my own at home. This worked for a couple of weeks but then I started to find excuses to not do it. Then I tried going for a run in the evening, this lasted a couple of weeks and then I gave up as it was too dark and scary (my excuse). I was beginning to get so annoyed at myself for always giving up and not making any solid progress.

I had seen on social media that lots of people and many women were doing CrossFit. Its something I knew very little about but I researched it in my local area and came up trumps! Very locally I had a CrossFit Gym that did Mum Classes and they provided free childcare whilst you worked out. Win win situation! To add to their selling point, they provided a free trial week. I couldn't say no! So I signed up there and then.

Week 1 (Trial Week)

This was all new to me. The industrial style gym and all the weights and abbreviations like AMRAP and WOD. It was daunting to say the least. However the coach walked us through every move we would be doing and everyone was lovely and welcoming. After my first session, I ached and I was so sore. I could barely sit on the sofa without making a groaning noise. Getting to my second session was a struggle. I started to make excuses and thought because my muscles ached that I wouldn't be able to do anything. What I would say is power through this feeling. Get to the gym and after you have warmed up, you won't feel your aching muscles.

Week 2

I'd made it to week 2 and I had become a signed up paying member of the CrossFit community. It was a great feeling and I was just hopeful that it wouldn't end up like my previous Gym memberships that were paid for and never used. A huge selling point of CrossFit for me was the variety. No two consecutive workouts are ever the same. Its never boring and you always have the coach there to push you and get those extra reps in. If you are someone like me who would go to a gym and just stand around then do a 5 minute leisurely jog on a treadmill, then CrossFit is something I would say for you to consider. Some of the workouts are even team or partner based and I find that gives you a further push as you don't want to let your partner down, and if they or you are struggling then your partner can take up some of the slack. It's a real team effort with personal goals.

Week 3

I'm actually really starting to enjoy going. Its become part of my weekly routine. Three mornings a week we head out to the gym. I even managed to do two consecutive days. Two weeks ago, I couldn't even think about going the day after. My muscles do ache after some workouts and new moves, but it's not as bad as week 1. Not even close.

Week 4

I'm feeling GREAT and starting to feel stronger already. I can notice progressions in my workouts. My push ups have progressed from my knees and my assault bike times have improved and I'm finding it easier to complete more and more calories. Don't get me wrong, its still tough but there is change! I am even keeping up with some of the seasoned pros in some moves. That is such a confidence booster! So if you are in week 1 or session 1 of your CrossFit journey, my advice is to keep going. It won't take long for you to see and feel a difference in yourself.


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