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my 'PERFECT' roast potato


Yes, I've said it, this is the perfect roastie. It has a fluffy soft inside and crispy crackled exterior. They're not too big or too small. They go perfectly with any Sunday or weekday roast (I'm not here to judge when you decide to have a roast. I'd eat a roast everyday if I could).

I know everyone likes their roast dinners a certain way. Some like mashed potato, some like yorkshire puddings and some like no gravy (I know, I never thought it was possible to eat a roast without the liquid stuff but I have two friends that don't!). So for me to say this is the perfect roast potato is a long shot. Maybe I should say, if you like crispy fluffy mid sized roasties. However, it doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.

These roasties require some tender love and care. It's not a quick job for a fast roast in a hurry. However, they are definitely worth the wait. I'm not saying they are laborious but there is a little waiting time. I'd suggest boiling your spuds when you start to cook your meat.

Servings 4

10 Minutes Preparation Time

1 1/2 Hour Cooking Time


5/6 Large King Edward Potatoes

3 tbs Goose Fat (or oil)

Salt and Pepper to taste


- Peel and chop the potatoes, i'd say one potato can be cut into 4 for a good size

- Place in a pan and cover with cold water

- Put the pan on the hob and bring to the boil

- Cook until soft but not falling apart

- Drain away the water

- Place the potatoes on a drying rack and leave to dry, this will enable them to really crisp up!

- If your oven isn't on already, put it to 180c/350f.

- When your roast is around one hour away from being ready, place your goose fat into your roasting pan and place in the oven.

- Once melted and sizzling hot place the dried out potatoes into the roasting pan, they should spit and sizzle.

- Cook in the oven until lovely and crisp, turning half way. They will take around an hour or just over.

- ENJOY with your roast and a lovely glass of wine!

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