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The easy way to organise your fridge

An Organised Fridge = A Happy Emma My parents have just visited for a long weekend and we always have a little trip to @ikeauk when they are here. It’s become a bit of a tradition. Harriet loves it just as much as I do too, which is a bonus. A toddler's dream lifesized dolls house with lots of different rooms to play hide and seek in. What's not to love.

I had a plan before heading to Ikea that I wanted to organise my fridge. I had started to use old jars and set the fridge out in a certain way but I found myself clearing it out weekly because it always looked cluttered. The door was packed with jams, sauces, and chutneys and it was almost at breaking point. The clutter and mess made me uneasy. No matter how many times I cleaned it out and set the jars a certain way, it would always be chaos again the next day.

I bought these tubs and they have changed my fridge feng shui. I've never felt more like an adult in my life. They hide the mess and make everything easier to grab. So good. No more reaching to the back of the fridge for some old cheese and mixing all of the opened jars of chutney.

They are so good for so many different home spaces too. You can use them in the bathroom to hold all of the bottles or in an office to organise your papers. I'd definitely recommend using them in the fridge though, or a larder/large cupboard. The larger boxes were £5 and the little ones £2.50 if your an Ikea Family Member (which is free). It is a little investment but I promise, it makes a positive difference.

Also, the addition of a label maker too which helps to label jars, especially in this low waste world we are trying to create. I use the Dymo Home Embossing Label Maker. Cheap and cheerful. You can find it here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dymo-S0717930-Omega-Embossing-Label/dp/B000O78DZI/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=label+maker&qid=1581501672&sr=8-8

I let out a little smile every time I open my fridge. (I may be a little crazy, but it makes me happy, what can I say)

I bought three large boxes and two smaller ones.

The large ones are:

Jams & Chutneys



The smaller ones are:



(I know they are virtually the same thing but I was running out of ideas, it doesn't take much).

Even though my fridge still has all the jars and cheeses in there, they are easier to grab and it looks tidier.

No more 'where on earth is the butter?'. I know exactly where it is. It's in the dairy box.

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